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Recent Preprints

abstract download H. Huh and D.E. Pelinovsky, Nonexistence of self-similar blowup for the nonlinear Dirac equations in (1+1) dimensions, Applied Mathematics Letters submitted, (November, 2018)
abstract download G.L. Alfimov, A.S. Korobeinikov, C.J. Lustri, and D.E. Pelinovsky, Standing lattice solitons in the discrete NLS equation with saturation, Nonlinearity submitted, (October, 2018)
abstract download U.Le and D.E. Pelinovsky, Convergence of Petviashvili's method near periodic waves in the fractional Korteweg-de Vries equation, SIAM Journal of Mathematical Analysis submitted, (September, 2018)
abstract download J. Chen and D.E. Pelinovsky, Periodic travelling waves of the modified KdV equation and rogue waves on the periodic background, Journal of Nonlinear Science, submitted, (August, 2018)
abstract download P. Bizon, D. Hunik-Kostyra, and D.E. Pelinovsky, Stationary states of the cubic conformal flow on S3, Discrete Continuous Dynamical Systems A, submitted, (July, 2018)
abstract download G.A. Gottwald and D.E. Pelinovsky, On the impossibility of solitary Rossby waves in meridionally unbounded domains, Physics of Fluids 30, 116601 (7 pages) (2018)
abstract download N. Joshi and D.E. Pelinovsky, Integrable semi-discretization of the massive Thirring system in laboratory coordinates, Journal of Physics: Mathematical Theoretical submitted, (May, 2018)
abstract download D.E. Pelinovsky and Yu.A. Stepanyants, Helical solitons in vector modified Korteweg-de Vries equations, Physics Letters A 382 3165-3171 (2018)
abstract download A. Geyer and D.E. Pelinovsky, Linear and nonlinear instability of the peaked periodic wave in the reduced Ostrovsky equation, SIAM Journal of Mathematical Analysis accepted, (September, 2018)
abstract download J.M. Foster, P. Gysbers, J.R. King, and D.E. Pelinovsky Bifurcations of self-similar solutions for reversing interfaces in the slow diffusion equation with strong absorption Nonlinearity 31 4621-4648 (2018)
abstract download D.E. Pelinovsky and A. Saalmann, Inverse scattering for the massive Thirring model, Fields Institute Communications, accepted, (September, 2018)