Major Research Grants

My research group focuses on stability analysis and normal forms for nonlinear waves, modeling of coupled-mode equations of Schrodinger and Dirac types, spectral theory and discrete dynamical systems. It exploits methods of applied analysis and algorithms scientific computing for both fundamental and application projects. The group is funded under research grants sorted in the reverse chronological order.

Russian Federation Ministry of Education and Science (2012-2013)
"Discrete and continuous models in hydrodynamics"
PI: Dmitry Pelinovsky (McMaster University)
Host: Andrey Kurkin (Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University, Russia)

NSERC (Individual Discovery) grant (2011-2015)
"Evolution of localized modes in nonlinear dispersive equations"
PI: Dmitry Pelinovsky

MITACS Strategic Fellowship (Elevate) grant (2010-2012)
"Wavelet methods for optimal control problems in pharmaceutical research"
PI: Wei Zhao (McMaster University)
Supervisor: Dmitry Pelinovsky (McMaster University)

NSERC (Individual Discovery) grant (2006-2011)
"Traveling localized waves in discrete lattices"
PI: Dmitry Pelinovsky

Humboldt Foundation Research Fellowship (2006-2007)
"Modelling of nonlinear periodic media with continuous and discrete evolution equations"
PI: Dmitry Pelinovsky
Host: Guido Schneider (University of Stuttgart)

PREA (Premier Research Excellence Award) (2004-2009)
"Stability of Bose-Einstein condensates in optical lattices"
PI: Dmitry Pelinovsky

SHARCNET (Graduate Scholarship) grant (2003-2005)
"Fast computations of eigenvalues in spectral stability problems"
PI: Dmitry Pelinovsky (McMaster University)
Scholarship holder: Marina Chugunova (McMaster University)

NSERC (Leadership Support Initiative) grant (2003-2007)
"Nonlinear partial differential equations and their applications"
PI: Walter Craig (McMaster University)
Co-Applicants: A.I. Nachman, M.C. Pugh, D.E. Pelinovsky, and C. Sulem

CFI/OIT (New Opportunities) grants
"Computing infrastructure for mathematical research in fiber and photonic optics" (2002-2004)
"Operations and maintenance of the computing infrastructure" (2004-2006)
PI: Dmitry Pelinovsky (McMaster University)

NSERC (Individual Research) grant (2001-2006)
"Theory and modeling of the periodic nonlinear Schrodinger equation"
PI: Dmitry Pelinovsky (McMaster University)

Start-up grant (McMaster University) (2000-2003)
PI: Dmitry Pelinovsky (McMaster University)

Other (minor) research programs were also supported in the past, such as limited-term fellowships, workshop organizations and teaching grants. These research activities are described as Minor Research Grants.