Mathematics 3J04: Engineering Mathematics III
(Fall, 2001)

Course Information

Course Objectives: This course gives a general overview of useful mathematical methods for students specializing in civil engineering and management. The lecture material is based on real-world problems, numerical examples and solutions, with elements of theory explained. The tutorials focus on full evaluation of hand-on exercises and solutions.

Topics: Linear eigenvalue problems, systems of differential equations, numerical methods for differential equations, partial differential equations, introduction to probability and statistics.

Instructor: Dr. Dmitry Pelinovsky, BSB-204, ext.23424

Teaching Assistant: Ping Wu, BSB-237, ext.27103; e-mail:

Lectures: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays (8:30-9:20); ITC/139
Tutorials: Fridays (8:30-9:20); ITC/139
Office hours: Tuesdays (10:00-11:00), Thursdays (15:00-16:00) or by appointment

Main textbook:
"Advanced Engineering Mathematics" by D. Zill, M.R. Cullen, 2nd ed. (Jones and Bartlett, 2000)

Optional textbooks:
"Advanced Engineering Mathematics" by E. Kreyszig, 8th ed., (John Wiley & Sons, 1999)
"Advanced Engineering Mathematics" by A.Jeffrey, (Academic Press/Harcourt, 2001)
"Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Matlab" by T. Harman, J.B. Dabney, N. Richert (Brooks/Cole, 2000)

Assignments: Six home assignments will be handed out in class on Tuesdays every second week, starting the week of September 17. The assignments are due at 9:20 on Tuesdays in the following week. The texts for assignments and solutions will be posted on the course webpage.

Tests: There will be two class tests during regular lecture hours on Wednesdays: October 10 and November 7.

Exam: The course is completed by a three-hour final examination. The date and location of the final exam will be announced by the registrar's office in mid-term.

Marking scheme:
Final exam (3 hrs) - 40%
Two class tests (50 min) - 30%
Six homework assignments - 30%