Mathematics 742: Methods of Applied Mathematics II (Winter, 2020)

Course Information

Course Objectives: The course covers mathematical analysis of linear and nonlinear partial differential equations. Featured topics include Cauchy-Kovalevskaya Theorem, Riemann invariants and shocks, energy methods for parabolic and hyperbolic equations, and bifurcations in nonlinear elliptic problems.

Instructor: Dr. Dmitry Pelinovsky, HH-422, ext.23424, e-mail:

Lectures: Mondays, Thursdays (2:00-3:30); HH/312
Office hours: Mondays, Thursdays (3:30-4:30), or by appointment

"An Introduction to Partial Differential Equations" by M. Renardy and R.C. Rogers, Second Edition (Springer, 2004), ISBN 0-387-00444-0

Assignments: Four home assignments will be posted on the course webpage.

Presentation: The course is completed by a presentation. Details of the presentations will be announced in March.

Marking scheme:
Presentation - 50%
Assignments - 50%